Dogs of all sizes can be boarded or pet sat
Dogs and cats can be boarded or attended to


Meet Mike & Cindy

As professional pet sitters and house sitters, owners Mike and Cindy provide you with peace of mind while you are away. Whether it is a planned business trip, vacation, or an emergency absence, they will care and attend to your pet with the same love and attention you would.

Eliminate the stress for both your pet and yourself by knowing your pets’ needs will be met in your absence with guaranteed time visits, maintenance of their daily feeding schedule, daily exercise, affection and companionship.

Mike and Cindy’s unparalleled passion for pet care and professional house sitting services allows you to leave home knowing that both your pet and home are safe and secure. Regular home visits include mail, flyer and newspaper collection, opening and closing of window treatments and turning lights on and off, to give your home a “lived in” look in order to deter break-ins.

Established in 2005

Call us today! Attention to detail, cleanliness and making your pet happy is our goal. Your pet deserves extra attention in your absence, we take pride in helping you and your pet enjoy time away!

Small dogs can be taken care of by us
Dog sitting at our house or theirs
Dog and Cat laying down